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U ever see my fireworks!?

Hey selamat hari raya to you all you homosapiens.

Well, ive got not much to say. Except that me and my simei KMCO brothers did a ridicolous video on the day of hari raya itself, 12.30am.

anyways this is the link. First person is mamad.
second's roozter.
third's Rin.
Fourth's Ah choy ( -_- )

Lastly, everyone together.

Ready? brace yourselves.

KAM CHENG OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Classic rock.

I am very bored. And yes, if you take a look at your right, there will be a person saying death metal sucks.

Now, I dont blame him. Everyone has their own opinion of such things. Like when it comes to me and hip-hop music, we dont go that really well. But I decide just not to show it off anyways.
Thing is, he's into classical rock. And I too am into classical rock.
LOL. And I love death metal too. So him insulting death metal makes it looks pointless otherwise.
Go Led Zeppelin? There are much more better rock bands out there, though I am not saying that Led Zeppelin sucks. Theyre good . Just that there are better rock bands.
Yes, classical rock lives, but as time evolves, so does the music.
There are many people now listening to funkrock, poprock, indierock.
Well some would sound nothing like the heavy rock. But well, the word "rock" is in their genre's name, so Im pretty much thinking its their influence.

Well, I think I will stop here.
Oh and by the way, the blogs song goes out to you mr.classical rock.
I think you should know this song if you're really classical rock.

Really Ridicolous Videos

T-Bags Ridicolous Stairs Jackass

Ron's Mini Drum Solo

Me playing Death Metal.


Ok, so alot of people has been asking me for this song's lyrics. OK. So now, u know what to do. Turn up your volume and sing along!

*Mind you, I typed this my ownself. I cannot find the lyrics on the internet. So, please excuse me if any vulgars were formed in the lyrics. LOL.


Phua zhia de zhi kueh zho !
Zhi tsai ho zhit toh!
Udanga Speeding!
udang the banbanso!

Udang Zhit zhiu hua xia
zhit xiu de girlfriend toh
udang kua chia boh!
khit long tiu tau ah poh!

ang ting zhi ting kuah bah zheng zho
xeung que de zueng zhia hoh
Ming xiu qua zhia ketong qiu dang
zhi di ishien nie tua soh!
Pager na hiang teo airun!
ah handphone tiu samban!
Ai zhip cbd teo beh tua!
Bustand ni dhe zhai! Siam!
Phua zhia de zhi kueh zho !
Ng zhi ho zhit toh!
Nah bhi bon zue dhi
Diam me dhe hu dang toh!
Phua zhia de zhi kueh zho !
Siam ban de mai zhit toh!
Nah bhi ai tiki
Dai zhen dhe bha dek koh!
“Ren zhou pa lu, lu hu ko ah!
Xhiao tong kueh zhe ni yao zhun zho!
Hong tem king lai li teng xhou ah!
Huang teng ee dhiang de bie xhai yoh!
Ning qe zhe tao zhi huan zhong ah!
Puyau zhi zhua, PAMINGSENG!”

Sammy requested this, so yeah =D

question N1 : The person who taqqed you is?
question N2 : Your relationshiip with him/her?
haha. Friends! although she claims shes a loyal fan of my blog. Cool aye ;D
question N3 : Your 5 impressions of him/her?
Very friendly! and nice!
question N4 : The most memorable thinq he/she has done for you?
errrrrr. lets see. she said "I like barney when i asked her to."
question N5 : The most memorable thing he/she said to you?
She said my new hairstyle's nice. ;D
question N6 : If he/she becomes ur lover you would ?
hmm. if she could turn into my favorite flavor ice-cream then can ah! =D
questions N7 : If he/ she becomes ur lover , she needs to improve on?
eh alamak ni question eh.
question N8 : If he /she becomes ur enemy you will ..
go up to her and say sorry. :D
question N9 : If he / she becomes ur enemy the reason would be?
I stole her last pandan bread.
question N10 : The most desired thing u want for him/her will be?
Continue reading my blog and ille read yours ;D
question N11 : Your overall impression of him/her will be?
Kind girl. Can become queen of England.
question N12 : How do u think other people will feel about you?
They think Im the president of Mars and Jupiter. What can I say.
question N13 : The characters you love about urself is ?
My talking nipples.
question N14 : Th characteristics you hate about urself is ?
My talking nipples. -_-
question N15 : Th most ideal person you want to be?
Not my talking nipples.
question N16 : For people that care and love you ; what do you wanna say ?
I am not the president of Jupiter and Mars dimwits -_-.
questions N17 : Pass this quiz onto 10 people that u wish to know how they feel about you?
#1 ` Parents. Wait, they dont blog.
#2 ` Zul Alastor. Lets see how retarded helle be this time.
#3 `Ruzter.
#4 `Zafirawr.
#5 `Sammeh. Eh she do alraedy la.
#6 `Elly.
#7 `MinFUYOO
#8 `Old Apek Man whom I do not know.
#9 `Rae
#10`Ellen Degeneres
question N18 : who is 6 having a r/s with?
I do not know. Lol.
question N19 : is number 9 a male/female ?
She is a girl with short hair. Aka "boi ah!"
question N20 : if number 7 and 10 are together ; would it be a good thing?
I think theylle be having a talkshow about skinheads.
question N21 : what is number 2 studying about?
Studying about catshit and leaves. Duh.
question N22 : when was the last time u had a chat with Number 3?
question N23 : what kind of music band does number 8 like ?
question N24 : does number 1 have any siblings ?
My uncles!
question N25 : will you woo number 3 ?
When he play soccer and score a goal, ille shout "Woo!"
question N26 : how about number 7 ?
when he say's boo I say woo.
question N27 : is number 4 single?
Yes. Id think so. haha.
question N28 : whats the surname of number 5?
Dont know. First i see Sammy Zordon. Now Shako.
question N29 : Whats the hobby of number 10 ?
Talking at talkshows.
question N30 : does number 5 and 9 get along?
Yes. This is as both are chinese and can speak malay.
question N31 : Where is number 2 studying ?
Ite Mcpherson
question N32 : Talk something casually about number 1 ?
They kinda of made me.
question N33 : Have you tried developing feelings for number 8 ?
Apek man? LOL.
question N34 : Where does number 9 live ?
Bedok South.
question N35 : What colour does number 4 like ?
I think it is blue. =D
question N36 : Are number 5 and 1 best friiends ?
Haha, it will be very akward. hahahhaha.
question N37 : does number 1 have any pets ?
Nope. Used to have rabbits/fishes.
question N38 : is number 8 the sexiest person in the world?
Yes. He is.
question N39 : What is number 10 doing now ?
Talk show la.

question N40 : What have you learnt from this?
Never put old apek man in your list.

Done sammy! :D


Uh huh. Seductive.
Yea. Right.

Just slacking.
Er, ok.
Rin. Ah Choy. Muhammad.



Hello people! I, Ah Choy, shall continue blogging from this day onwards! Anyways, sing to this chinese song! Very sexy!

Its been a long time since i blog. Really long.
Longer than the great walls of China. Oh do you know, that the great walls is the only thing that can be seen from outer space? Haha, bet you didnt know that did ya.

So lets start by today. Im fungry. Really. Me and mr.Kvnt's thinking of a new band name since Dark Ulver sounds too black-metalish. The band name has been changed to Theoabusion. After 2 hours of picking and defining words, Theoabusion is a combination of 2 words.

Theo - Something to do with god, religion.
Abusion - To corrupt, pertaining to a funeral

So basically, Theoabusion means, to kill a religion. Haha.

Well, tomorrow is another recording day! Well for the drums that is. Ive done my part as the backtrack. We will be thonning at Music Garage. Anyone care to join please tell me! =D

enough of the serious talk.

Lets talk about yesterday.

Afternoon wasnt that much exciting. Well, me and Hidayat(Rin) went out to chill. Rin met his ex and told me some of his story of his past r'ship. Too bad, not as good as J.K Rowling's Harry Potter. Well, after that met Kvnt outside Dice's house. Chilled for awhile.

went home. Break fast.

EH, WHY DO THEY CALL IT BREAK FAST. Why not "End of Fast" or "Opening Fast".
Why must "Break Fast". Sounds like "Breakfast" to me. Others might think that we eat toast bread and drink coffee for "break fast". This is bad. I shall complain this to Dr Elaine Higgleton.

For those of you who dont know who Dr Elaine Higgleton is, she is the Publishing Manager for the "Essential English Dictionary. 2nd Edition." from "Times-Chambers".

Anyways, I had chicken yesterday. and otak-otak.

otak-otak. another weird ridicolous name for a food.
For those of you who dont know what otak means in Malay Language, it actually means "Brain".
Calling a food Otak-otak is like saying "Brain-brain".
Imagine one day an innocent chinese boy asks his mother, "Mummy I want to eat brain-brain."
Sad, I know.

Went out, at night with Ruzaini aka Ruz aka Tall Guy aka Ruzter and Rin again. Went to the pasar malam. Was only browsing. Nothing interesting. One thing weird tho.

Its like yesterday was mulot masin day.
Mulot masin - Predictions coming true.
While at the pasar malam, Ruz was saying, "I hope I dont bump into my mum here."
A few minutes later, his mum came out of nowhere. LOL.
The reason to this was as Ruz told his mum that he wouldbe going to the Terawih prayers.
BUSTED! hahaha!

Well I was saying, "lets just hope pastamania team is not playing today"
ref; Pastamania team is a team of street soccer players. They all wear pastamania uniforms and play really really really really really good.
Unfortunately for us, they were playing. damn. haha.

Anways, Muhammad came after that. We played street soccer till 11.30.
We didnt actually played on the street you know. We just played it in a court with a fence surrounding it. Dont be so dumb to think we played it at the streets. There are vehicles there you know, pfft.

We slacked after that and took ridicolous pictures. Will post it in the next post.
Anws, laugh for the day made by Muhammad. He told us that he went to Geylang the day before yesterday and witnessed an accident between a motorcycle and a person. The victim was an old chinese man in his 30s-40s.
The victim got rammed down and was shivering. The driver whom was a young mat rep in his 20s took out his helmet. And asked in a really ridicolous way of mat rep Chris Tucker style "Eh kau ok tak?" with no emotions at all. LOL.
Thats not all. The mat reps girlfriend whom was the pillion rider fell, and the best thing was that the mat rep did not even notice it.



Am going off now. Update tomorrow!

Truth is always the first casualty in a war.